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Image by Cassiano Psomas

Florianópolis - the magic island

The title of Magic Island, attributed to Florianópolis, makes more and more sense. Bringing together 675,409 km² of different landscapes, including nature and preserved heritage, the island offers an endless list of attractions worthy of a big city.

Learn a little more about our history

It is no coincidence that the Santa Catarina capital is the second most popular city in Brazil for tourists and foreigners, behind Rio de Janeiro. Florianópolis is also the most chosen city to host international events in Brazil.

With over 40 beaches, they are grouped into three groups: northern beaches, eastern beaches, and southern beaches.

The northern ones, with the most pleasant sea temperature, are the most urbanized and with the best trade structure near the sea. With this, beaches like Jurerê, Canasvieiras, Praia Brava and Ingleses attract a crowd of tourists.

The eastern beaches start with one of the island's postcards: Lagoa da Conceição. They are very disputed for their proximity to downtown Florianopolis and for being surf strongholds.

The southern beaches are considered the most beautiful on the island. Undeveloped and predominantly nature, many are former fishing colonies that still preserve the history and culture of the natives.

In addition to all the natural beauty and quality of life, Floripa also has a gastronomic wealth of envy. There are four gastronomic routes, offering from the typical cuisine of beach town based on seafood to haute cuisine.

The result of this diversity was the achievement of the UNESCO title as the first creative city of gastronomy in Brazil.

How we started
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Our story begins with our founder and manager Melissa Arragão. Already coming with a great experience in organizing events and parties for my diverse audiences with countless success stories.


Besides it all our team aims to provide a great experience for all of you our guests, who will enjoy the best that an experience can provide.

Photo: Melissa Arragão, founder and manager